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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The best kind

Mmmm... It's good to be home. Most of all to sleep in my own bed again. Even Tweetie liked that idea when we got in last night. A real crib with a mattress thicker than an inch, and her big air filter white noise generator, and her bedtime lullabyes on CD. I put her in her crib and she was snuggling her face into the mattress before I could get the sleeping bag zipped up around her. Then there was the obligatory protest, but it was brief and half-hearted.
But it was a good road trip, especially the last leg up with our friends the Goddess and Badger. The Badger had lined up some work for the Bear, so he was kept pretty busy, which is always good. Whenever we have the chance to spend time with them, I come to appreciate their friendship even more, and I wish it were easier to stop by more often. They're the kind of friends you can just be yourself with. And you feel a part of their family as the stuff of life goes on. They'd just officially finished a year of renovation on their new home, and as you'd expect, there were a few loose ends. So we jumped in wherever we fit best. From the Bear helping the Badger with wiring and sound - flashbacks to their days as church sound techs - to my helping with baking or mopping the floor. That last one, oddly, was as much for my benefit as anyone else. The catharsis of making a floor clean when my hands are free is, for me, a strange side effect of early motherhood. You would never guess this by the state of my own floor on any given day, it's just one of the things that feels good when I can actually get it done.
But I most appreciate what happens when we're around for more than a few hours. The threads of conversations that weave in and out as the days pass. The Goddess and I share a distaste for phones. It's just not a channel that works well for us. But she's a very good listener, and whatever our hands are busy with when she's around, we can chat. And when the misfit pieces of a messy life come to the surface I find them a little easier to look at. And when we've gone over missed steps, rough terrain and uncertain direction on my current path, I walk away feeling a little less lost, knowing someone's been there.
That's the best kind of friend.

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