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Monday, June 11, 2007

and a little rest goes a long way

Yesterday was the latest in a string of long days, the ones that stretch you just a bit. Not bad days, but their cumulative effect is a very weary mamma, prone to making a bit of a mess. A few nights ago I was so tired when I sat down for a bit with the bear, I was downright giddy. I've heard from a few other moms that their tolerance for alcohol was noticeably down after having a baby, but this was silly. The Bear had himself a drink, and I felt tipsy!
Anyway, all this rambling is just the setup for one of those stories. The ones that seem to come with parenting, and you just have to share so you can laugh at it. Or at least someone else can laugh with you. And if it ever happens to them they won't have to wonder why they never hear of this happening to anyone else.
Tweetie had taken a bottle not long before and it was time to put her on the potty. Typically I'll put her on, cue her, and depending on what signs she's given me and how sure I am she needs to go, wait awhile. If nothing happens and she's getting restless, I'll give her a wipe for good measure and we'll carry on. This time she'd been giving some signs before that she might be ready to poop, and she was a little overdue so I thought I'd give her lots of time. I settled myself in to entertain her with various mamma-daughter silliness. (Silliness, thankfully, comes rather easily when I'm tired.)
After waiting much longer than the usual time, I decided I'd probably got my cues all wrong again, and other than a bit of gas, we weren't going to get anything out of this sitting. I took a quick peek in the bowl to be sure, then hoisted her up to take her back to the change table across the hall. Halfway there she erupted in a wail and uncomfortable squirming. At the same instant I noticed an equally discomforting squishing sensation on my arm. Tracing back my steps to the potty, and more importantly the soap and running water, I discovered that what had not been in the bowl when I peeked had dropped off to the floor beside the toilet when I hoisted her and the remnant had been sheared off by my forearm in the nursery entrance. I'd forgotten the obligatory 'wipe for good measure', which would have saved me much further wiping and scrubbing. Well, at least she's not old enough to try and help.
Thankfully, while walking the dogs in the afternoon I was struck with the brilliant idea of going out for chinese. The Bear didn't have to cook, there was no cleanup from dinner, and as a bonus, Tweetie fell asleep on the way home from the restaurant and was in bed nice and early. Bottles were done well ahead of schedule and I even got some good mom-and-dad time with the Bear before heading to bed for a pretty decent night's sleep. Today started with a nearly dry night diaper and later a perfectly placed deposit in the bottom of the bowl.
Ahh, the wonders of a little rest. Actually, it seems a lot like the old days when Mondays were for recovering from the weekend!

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