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Sunday, May 20, 2007

On the mend

Tweetie's asleep in her playpen, bottles are washed and refilled for tomorrow, and, fool that I am, I'm up posting instead of catching some much needed z's.
I made brief mention of my head cold in my anniversary post. It came on quite suddenly, and for me it hit pretty hard, but didn't last too long beyond residual sniffles. Tweetie caught the same cold at the same time, having just gotten over the cold she got from her dad a few weeks before. She hasn't been as quick to kick it, probably because it's real hard to explain to a little person with no words to blow into a dry paper that feels like sandpaper on her little raw nose. The poor dear's had a rough go over the last couple of weeks, with the worst hitting right when we were travelling. We've been staying in the Hat with the Bear's dad for four days now, and this has been the first night with a relatively uneventful bedtime routine. With luck it will also be the first full night's sleep in a couple of weeks. Though she always tries her best to be happy, Tweetie was certainly in better spirits for most of the day today.
Methinks I'll get back to them z's now.




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