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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And the winner is...

There's been an ongoing debate around here for awhile over whether Tweetie would learn to crawl or just go straight to walking. She was bearing weight on her legs even in the hospital. As she grew she found many ways of moving herself across the floor when she was so inclined, but didn't show much interest in efficiency. While the Goddess was visiting last month, she started lifting up to hands and knees in earnest and seemed ready to explode into crawling. We had fun watching her rock back and forth, and laughed a little (gently and kindly of course) when she'd reach beyond her balance point into a faceplant. It seemed an interesting experiment to her, but when it came to getting around, sliding and spinning was just as good, apart from the frustration of looking forward to a target and moving backward. But the Jolly Jumper was great fun and kept her interested in being upright.
Well, sometime on the weekend, I was carrying on with whatever I was doing, Tweetie on the floor nearby. And then I looked at her and she was on hands and knees again, and then a knee moved, and a hand, and the other knee and hand. She covered about a foot in distance, backwards still, before flopping down. And I'm happy to say she's also learned to flop comfortably back on her bottom or belly. I've since seen her make a few tentative moves in a forward direction, with a look of great satisfaction.
So, crawling wins, but second place results will be in very soon. In the last two weeks, walking practice has become a regular part of the day, with each days steps taking her farther, from a few feet, to the next room, to a full tour of the main floor. At least a couple of times a day now, she wants to be walked. My back is looking forward to her taking those first independent steps, but my heart would be happy to keep her at the end of my arms awhile longer, so it doesn't need to be restarted after every unanticipated hazard she approaches at full speed.
As I got tired of doing laps from living room to kitchen, I tried a couple of times taking her out front. Much too much happening out there, though. Today I carried her to the sidewalk, where she took about three of her steps and promptly stopped to smell the roses. Each and every one, and the dandelions, too.
I guess I should pay attention.



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