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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Okay, don't get too excited. I know this is two posts in as many days after barely two in as many months. And we may go back to the old pace again right after, but sometimes you just have to take the time when you can. And some things just need to be shared promptly. This one's some of both.

Today was a day when I needed to take it easy. Take everything down a notch. Not get excited about anything that could wait for another day. A hard thing for me to do at the best of times. But I had a little help. The traffic coming home was fairly civilized. Tweetie was mostly back to her happy self today after nearly a week of dealing with immunization side effects. I opted for frozen pizza so I could sit on the couch with her instead of bouncing back and forth between kitchen to cook and living room to see what she was exploring. We took the dogs out for their walk, and there'd been just a trace of showers and a threat of a little more. This meant when we went by the park it was empty of the usual crowd of local dogs and their folks. Which in turn meant I could just toss the ball and let them burn off a good load of energy without having to walk a long way myself. And when I let the dogs back in the house after, I turned back to see a bright stem of a rainbow shooting up from mount Tolmie, the start of a full, if more subtle, arc, right around to the neighbour's yard.
But the best surprise came while spending time with Tweetie. I've been encouraging her with her standing a lot, and she's taken a few tentative half-steps just this week, though often choosing to drop down and crawl when she tires of the stationary view. but today I let go again, held out my hands, and she took three good steps before lunging for my arms. We called up the Bear, and while I was filling him in she took another five. Once more while he was still on the line, and this time seven steps. At this rate she'll be running marathons next week.
It has been a very hairy day, but I think I know what parts I want to remember.

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  • Thing One learned to walk the week that a brand new and slightly premature Thing Two was in Royal Columbian hospital in Vancouver (only 1200 km south) on a ventilator without his parents. And I know what part of that week I remember. Aside from fuzzy echoes of phone calls to faceless nurses, I remember the determination of my eldest monkey as she walked circles around the coffee table until she was determined she had it right. Then, she would only walk if she needed to get somewhere. Practical, even then. There is such joy in these little moments- and they truly do resonate longer and louder than the dark times.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:51 a.m.  

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