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Monday, February 19, 2007


As I said in my last post, we were on the mainland this weekend. We were there to see off some friends, the last couple from our MAF candidacy class to head out to the field. Walt and Ev Driediger are headed for Botswana this week to begin a four year assignment. They held a send-off event - a Flight Fiesta - on Friday night at their home church near Chilliwack, and commissionings at both services. We went to the Fiesta and their Saturday evening service. We had the chance to meet the family they're leaving behind, including four married kids, six grandkids and two more on the way.
Walt is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and will be helping to keep the planes in good working order and possibly taking part in training nationals. Ev is a nurse, recently retired, and hopes to become involved with the extensive HIV/AIDS ministry. Both were involved in the ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (there were a lot of CMA jackets and vests at the Fiesta). They'll be working with one of MAF's partner organizations, Flying Mission. And we are a part of their team, supporting them both with finances and with critical prayer support and encouragement. That's a role I've begun to appreciate the significance of as I've connected with the others already in the field. The power of an encouraging word from home, a reminder that they're not forgotten after the send-off, is huge.
Walt and Ev will be leaving early Tuesday afternoon and travelling for nearly two full days to Gabarone. If you find them on your heart, say a prayer, but I encourage you also, if you know of folks in the field, maybe people you prayed or encouraged before they left or are supporting financially, lift them up, too. And I challenge you to let them know you're still with them. Send them an e-mail, or better yet, a real letter or package by snail mail, something they can hold in their hands. Even if you don't hear back, it's worth the effort.



  • Good for you! I wish that everyone who knew folks on the mission field would actually send them things on a monthly basis. I know the indescribable joy that accompanies a real, honest to goodness, THING coming across the ocean in the mail and the feel of it in your hand before you even open it. Right then is when you feel the true love of others. What's in it is actually secondary..in fact, who cares what's in it. It's the fact that it is that matters, and what it is.

    Good for you Coastal!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:55 p.m.  

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