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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The nap


We'll see how long it lasts. It's been a very long day. T's been unusually hard to soothe. When we got up this morning she was not unhappy, but neither was she at all interested in going back to her crib. We had some floor time and played for awhile, I had my breakfast, and eventually she was ready for another bottle. I was hoping to get a bit more cleaning done this morning, as our Sunday art day was at my place today. But she wasn't content to be in her chair, even beside me as I worked for more than 20 minutes at a time, so most of what did get done was done one-armed with her in the other, fussing. Finally after her third bottle, I did get her to lie in her crib for about half an hour while I cleared off the table for a workspace. I don't think she was asleep for much of it, though.
As for how long it lasted, she's crying again. Sigh. It seems the rest of this will be typed one-handed again.
Today's art 'project' was finger painting, which we had great fun with. The whole idea was to do something to break the mental barrier, because who expects to make a masterpiece with tempera paints on the kitchen table. I'd say it was a great success, because we played with different ideas and made a beautiful mess. Well, I didn't play all that much, because, again, T was only content to watch for about twenty minutes before needing a bottle, a carry or a gum massage. My friend made what we'll call an accidental masterpiece, an eagle in flight that emerged as the happy result of a transfer print experiment.
T took a short snooze after as we walked to La Collina for tea and a bite, but woke up stinky shortly after we sat down (about ten minutes) so we didn't linger.
Her gums have been bugging her, so she gets hungry and cries, but she won't finish her bottle. And I know she's tired because she gives me all the signs, even nodding off while feeding (it was very cute at one feed because she dozed off and dropped her mouth open, I took the bottle away but you'd still see her tongue moving to suck and swallow as her eyes slowly closed.) But she hasn't stayed asleep for any length of time. If she sleeps 'on' me I can't do much in the way of moving without waking her up, which today seems as often as not to trigger another round of tears. If I manage to put her down without starting something she doesn't stay there long. At the moment, she's asleep against my chest, sitting on my arm, which I've managed to prop up on the edge of my drawing table as I type.
We took a walk 'round the block sans stroller about an hour or so ago, which settled her for awhile until we came around the corner towards home again. I can only hope for a slightly earlier night (but still late enough that it doesn't translate into an early morning;). I'm off to try to finish the banana bread I started three hours ago.
I'm glad not all days are like this.
Here's the other masterpiece we produced today, a mother-daughter collaboration:



  • Love the little handprints. One year for Christmas I made the grandmas wreath quilts, printed on fabric, with little hands as the greenery, and little feet (a pair of each) as the big red bow. I've always regretted not making a third, for myself. Good thing there's always the (distant) hope of grandkids!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:38 a.m.  

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