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Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's been so long since I posted I had to go back and read my own blog to se what I said before. But here, at the tail end of our vacation, I've found a bit of time to put fingers to keys and share a few thoughts from the muddled mind of a mom expecting her second.
My neighbor and Tweetie's daycare provider told me this pregnancy would go much faster, as you don't have the luxury of sitting back, rubbing cocoa butter on your belly and contemplating romantic visions of your future. Honestly, I hardly have time to think. That's probably a good thing most of the time, though there's probably a few things that are going to be missed until the last moment. Like where are we going to put T's little brother? (details, details, I know).
We don't actually know yet if this is going to be a brother or a sister, but we've been going with the boy theory from early on. It's been a rather different pregnancy than my first. With Tweetie, I had virtually no morning sickness, just a few aversions that persisted. I've still had it easy this time relative to some women I know, but I definitely felt green most afternoons and evenings for a good part of the first trimester, and I continue to be far more sensitive to certain things that'll make me queasy and/or kill my appetite. That alone has me looking forward to heading home again in a couple of days.
I'm pretty sure I carried T a lot lower than this one, too. But he's growing steadily in spite of my intermittent appetite - faster I think than
T - which is a little scary considering how big she was :0 Active, too. Seems to like to kick his big sister whenever he feels she's crowding him - typically when I'm bending over precariously and picking her up ;)
I should have an ultrasound appointment waiting for me on my return, so we'll know soon enough for certain. I'd consider keeping it a secret, but I don't think the Bear could.
Tweetie, meanwhile, has not slowed down at all. She picked her vacation week, starting on the ferry and at the airport on the way here, to decide that walking was an activity worthy of her attention. You'll remember she demonstrated that she could walk way back in September, but following that post, she decided that too many people wanted her to do that, so she'd just set that aside until she felt like it. From then until this week, she'd walked no more than a few tentative steps at a time, in very limited circumstances. Now she'll go pretty much wherever she wants. And she'll have a whole host of refined climbing skills to exercise back at daycare on her return (sorry, Shannon :) She so loves to climb; I've got to get her into a harness sometime!
And she seems ready to pick up her talking again, too, having left most of her summer vocabulary behind. The word of the day today has been 'Okay'. Her July favourite, 'book' made a couple of appearances this week, too.
One of my main hopes for her on this vacation was that a steady diet of warm weather and sunshine would help her kick this cough that's been dogging her since September. Unfortunately, it's been a rather wet week here. Though the sun's also made an appearance at some point everyday, it hasn't exactly been lounge on the beach weather. And in the meantime, she's picked up some bug in her stomach and has had the runs for half the week. Poor girl. I've used more diaper cream this week than I have in her whole little life prior. It's getting better with the pedialyte, but I'm just hoping it's fully cleared up before the flight home.
So, the Bear's finished his last dives for the trip. Actually, when we go south, the Bear becomes the Turtle - a moniker he's earned independently in three languages on two continents, for his love of just being in the water, even between dives. This last one tonight was a spectacular ending for him, but I'll let him tell the story.
Well, I'm going to sign off here and try to get some sleep. One more full day before we begin the trek back home. Hopefully it won't take me quite so long to get another post up here.


  • Great to see you writing again! Sorry to hear about Tweetie's tummy. That's no fun at all. I'm looking forward to all of your stories.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:49 p.m.  

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