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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

picky eater?

Tweetie's been exposed to all sorts of different foods and flavours, and there's not much she outright dislikes. What she likes enough to make a decent-sized snack or meal of, especially among those things that travel well to daycare, seems to shift regularly. So we experiment sometimes, and judging by her little belly, we do alright.
But this morning she made me laugh. Cheerios are always a staple. I can put a little handful out and she can feed herself while I fix whatever else needs fixin'. And I can expect that some will find the floor instead of her mouth, more when she's not so hungry. This morning she was hungry and as I settled in with the cereal bowl and bottle, she was picking up the last oatey morsel and checking it out. It was a broken 'O', more like a big 'C'. She looked at it, put her hand out, and dropped it to the floor. I looked down where it landed, and today there was only one other bit on the floor.
Another broken O!
A sign of perfectionism and snobbery to come?



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