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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Post Partum

Given that Christmas is meant to be a celebration of the birth of our saviour, a 'post mortem' seemed an inappropriate term for my reflections on this year's season. But I did want to share some of what I've been turning over in my mind.
I have to say it was quite a pleasant event for our little family. Not too stressful - no ferry waits or traffic jams on our travels - nor did we get caught up in too much of
the typical seasonal insanity of trying to buy a good year.
And yet, over Christmas, I was conscious of a significant void. There was time with family, good food, helping each other with preparations and cleanup, food, relaxing, cookies, food, turkey. But nothing at all to suggest that our Lord sent his son to be born as a man, to become our saviour.
Now that's not at all surprising. My family are not, at least at this point, believers. But having a young daughter and another child on the way, I want more than ever to find a way to reflect what's behind Christmas in our celebration of it, in some tangible way that our children can grasp and take part in. And, without driving them away, I'd like it to be something that the rest of my family can see as well.
It's something we'll be thinking and talking about over the coming year.


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