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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Two weekends ago I went over to the mainland with T to visit family. I stayed at my mom's place and visited my sister and her family and my dad while I was there.
Our first trip on the ferry was lots of fun - there are lots of captive parents stuck on a big boat and its easy to strike up a conversation. On the way back I even had a complete stranger, who was coming back after visiting another new arrival in the interior, walk me back to my car way at the back of the ferry lot, carrying my warming bottle so I'd have both hands available for T.
The trip was a reminder to me of how much I need to keep my family members in my prayers. Each of them, like all of us, have their struggles. For some their burdens right now are much heavier. But to date they all face them alone, without knowledge of God, without the comfort of the Holy Spirit.
So here are some pics of T meeting her family. Those of you who know me can now be awed by some of the family resemblances. First stop was Mormor's (my mom)

Then to her Auntie Sue's for dinner, where she met her Opa (my dad - I'm sure you could guess)

and her cousin Melissa

This is her cousin Samuel, who loves babies and came running up to meet her as soon as we arrived, but who never sat still with her for a picture (though he was happy to pose for this and show me his many faces)

I stopped at my sister's again on my way out on Monday. Things were a little less hectic and she got her own turn at holding her niece.

And since it was daylight on my second visit, I had to snap a shot of the infamous bus. They acquired this a couple of years ago when they were still in Quebec. They did a lot of work to convert it into a home on the road in anticipation of coming across to the west coast again. Unfortunately, they didn't get on the road as early as they'd hoped and weather and mechanical hiccups kept them from getting it past Ontario. My brother in law went out with a couple of friends last month and drove it the rest of the way to where they are now.



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