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Saturday, October 21, 2006

another chapter

For anyone out there waiting with bated breath for the outcome, the big day came and went with not much more than a few weak attempts at suckling, so I've officially closed the breastfeeding chapter. I'm still pumping, but I've begun the process of weaning there, so soon enough we'll be down to exclusiv.ely formula.
And that's okay.
One of the reasons I set this time for the change is that this is around the time when things start to shift. As she begins to become more active and responsive, exploring the world around her, I want to be able to spend that time with her, encouraging her, watching over her as she checks things out. And I couldn't do that properly if I continued to spend those hours each day tied to the pump. Nor would I have the energy to really engage and learn from her. So I gave her a good start and I think this is a good trade-off.
Already since she passed her birth weight last week she's been more awake and alert, looking around her. At her checkup yesterday she's landed herself right on the middle curve for weight gain, and even through the ups and downs with her weight, her growth has continued, so I'm looking forward to great things to come.
And if we crazy enough to take this challenge anew in a year or two, I'll undoubtedly try breastfeeding again, armed with all the lessons learned and experience gained from the first round.

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  • I'm glad to hear of your decision. I didn't want to comment on your past posts because I didn't want to tell you what to do. I too, went through trials with my children and breastfeeding. After four weeks with my first, I had to give in to formula feeding. I too, tried all the techniques, and he still didn't get enough. It came down to a choice of health. Unfortunately, breastfeeding philosophy has laden women with a great deal of guilt when things don't work out. I decided to take a pragmatic approach which focused on my baby's health and not my desire to breastfeed. After all, that's what's important, eh! Congratulations on getting as far as you did!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:05 a.m.  

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