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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The post I never wrote

Well it's just one of many posts that I've had in my head at one time or another and never birthed (something else on my mind?), but it's come back up again in an amusing manner.

Back in June, I think it was, I had thought to write a post for the women on the irony of a particular body change during pregnancy (consider yourselves warned, guys: this may be too much information ;). All the books and official sources, you see, say that the size of your breasts have no bearing on the quantity or quality of your milk production. For those of you who don't know me personally, or are not generally inclined to notice such things, I've always been rather well-endowed. I haven't been able to wear a cheap bra since junior high - there'd be simply no point.

So I had to ask, "Why is it, then, that they still have to get bigger?" By about a month into my pregnancy, I had to go down to the maternity store to find something reasonably inexpensive and comfortable I could wear at night, as they were aching terribly without full-time support. I got the largest size available, which wasn't really big enough, but was close enough to do the job at night. By early June, the last two good bras I had finally became unwearable and I had to search out something else. Even at the high end stores, they simply don't make maternity bras for even my pre-pregnancy cup size, let alone the swollen delivery systems they are now. Hence the question why.

Which leads to the next question. Why post about it now? Because of the great irony of a mystery solved. Trinity and I have been having great troubles working out the finer points of breast feeding, and yesterday I finally picked up on a clue to the reason, which was confirmed today. She just couldn't find enough nipple in all that fleshy breast hanging off my chest. I guess technically the books said it wouldn't effect the milk, not that it wouldn't effect how the baby's supposed to get to it.

Thankfully, the great folks down at The Mothering Touch store were able to work out a solution with us earlier today, and she's been nursing up a storm since. Which is where I'm off to now.




  • Coastal: I'm sorry not to have said it earlier - congratulations on your new family member. You have been so encouraging to me, I pray that you will be the same to this new precious gift of yours.

    By Blogger Mrs. Cowan, at 7:53 p.m.  

  • I'm glad my posts have been positive for you; we can all use some extra encouragement at times - new mothers hardly excluded. Thanks for posting.

    By Blogger Coastal, at 2:46 p.m.  

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