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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labour Day?

Well, not for us. At least it doesn't look that way currently. We were hoping that maybe the irony of labouring on labour day would be enough to encourage our little one to come out and join us, but she(?) seems pretty content to hang out for now. It seems I'm following my mother's pattern pretty closely, though I was only a week late for her, and we've just past that point.
I went for a non-stress test on Thursday, which basically means lying on my side with a monitor on my belly watching to see whether the baby's heartrate goes up with the little kicks and wiggles. Everything did what it was supposed to. Then there was another ultrasound, where I learned that there's seems to be plenty of fluid around this apparently healthy baby. Oh, yeah - the baby's got long legs - which probably comes from my side of the family. Lends weight to our current theory - that it's a girl. We'll get another status report from the doc tomorrow afternoon, following another internal exam. Other than that all we do is wait. Or to make life interesting, she'll decide to start all the action tomorrow, while the car is in the shop getting a new transmission (fortunately under warranty).
While at the hospital on Thursday, I ran into our neighbour, Jeff, who was visiting his brand new daughter in the special care nursery. Mom and baby both came home earlier this weekend and are doing well. Soon enough we may be trading off babysitting services.
The Bear has just reinsured the motorcycle, so he can leave me the car without having to take the big truck - which currently has the camper on the back as a portable crash-pad should I need to stay in the hospital for a time. I think I'll get him to take me for a last ride (it'll be awhile I'm sure before I'm free to ride with him).
We picked up our new blinds yesterday and them installed in our bedroom and in one of the new windows in the nursery. The second one will go up after some shuffling of boxes and shelves to allow access to the other window. They look really nice, though, and when the last of the boxes have been tucked away, I'll take a few pictures.

And I guess that's all there is to say today.



  • The mental picture I get when thinking of you riding behind the Bear, 9+ mos pregnant, hair streaming from below your helmet... Thanks for the smiles!

    By Blogger Goddess, at 9:08 a.m.  

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