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Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally! ...almost

This will be a short post. We're still busy with all the preparations, but I can finally say the nursery has been painted and is coming together. With a little luck, I'll get some pictures up when it's all done, but there's still some work to do. There always seems to be a little more to get done. I put the crib together today and finalized the plan for what was to go where in the room. The intent was to minimize the amount of physical arranging I need to do by playing with all pieces first to find something that works for both the nursery and the spare room (where everything that's not staying in the nursery has to go).
And it's a fine excuse to draw up little scale layouts of the rooms and cut out pieces for all the major furnishings. A bit of glue stick on the back of the furnishings so they'll stay somewhat in place, and then it's play time.
Which is followed closely by compromise time, as I realize that I need another piece from IKEA to make the modular shelves do what I want. So a few things will have to be rearranged again at a later date, but it's almost there. Tomorrow, the dresser will go upstairs and the office stuff and papers will go downstairs. And the drawers for the shelving units will be assembled where the change table will be, so there's a handy place for all those necessities.
Or at least that's the plan.


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