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Saturday, June 10, 2006


There's been tons of yard sales in our neighbourhood the last month or so, and though I'm not a 'pro' or a regular of any sort, I'll often pop my head in if I notice one in walking distance to see if there's anything interesting.
There were signs up for one just down the block this morning when I took the dogs out (still one dog at a time till Keko heals up). They had a couple of buckets of baby clothes all at 50 cents plus some nicer outfits - some brand names and such - for a buck or two. I may be new at this, but I know from shopping for nephews and nieces how pricey they can be (right up there with maternity clothes - grumble) and I've been well-warned how quickly they grow through them. So I picked through all the piles - largely filtered out the very pink and some other things I just didn't like - and brought home a grocery bag stuffed full, plus a set of wooden alphabet blocks for $11. And to bring the total up to the average cost of a new brand name baby t-shirt, I got a pair of compact Bushnell binocs for myself at $15.
That was kinda fun.


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