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Monday, June 26, 2006

summer's here

Well, long time no post. It's late on a Monday. well past my bedtime - especially these days, but it's still far too warm to get to sleep. I tried. Took a cool shower after work and propped some pillows up in the corner of bed so I could flop awhile without resorting to the inevitable side position. It worked for a little while, and I did doze in and out.

The Bear tried real hard to make me happy today, and while the real plan didn't work, he still succeeded. He went out to the surplus/clearance store and found a refurbished air conditioner to try and cool off at least one area of the house for me. He hauled it up the stairs, picked through the installation manual and engineered an adaptation for our 'newer windows in old frames' arrangement, hoisted the window shaker up to mount it in the window, extruded himself through the remaining window space out to the roof to check that everything was solid, and did some extra beefing up just to be sure. I did go fetch the ladder for him so he could get off the roof a little less tortuously, and handed a few tools out the window to him, but he did his best to let me try and flop til the cooler came on.

Sadly, after all that, the refurbished unit was a dud, and he had to hoist it back out of the window and down the stairs again and hope he can get it repaired. So now we're both occupying ourselves until it either cools down enough inside to sleep comfortably or we're sufficiently exhausted to sleep anyway. Fortunately, this is rather unusual weather for the coast. The ocean tends to keep things relatively mild year round. I've just got the extra internal furnace burning - I think the radiant heat off of my belly at night is keeping the Bear up more than the weather.

Well, I never was a big fan of the heat. And back in Kelowna it's a good bit warmer in the day than it is here, and it's not unusual at all. Long live the coast and send me an ocean breeze, eh?

So, since I'm still fairly awake, I'll fill you all in on the other happenings around here. It's been a busy couple of weekends. Last weekend we had the Bear's mom and stepdad out, and they helped with some of the prep work in the yard - moving a bunch of raspberries to the back to clear space for some deck modifications. This weekend we had my mom and stepdad over from the mainland. The guys tackled replacement of the deck steps and a couple of windows in what will be the baby room, while my mom tried valiantly to help me find some order in the chaos indoors. I 'supervised', and did what I could for everyone, which mostly consisted of running tools and parts up and down stairs and answering questions. And I did finally get the kitchen floor and hallway mopped, though the living area still needs some work. All in all not bad for a weekend's work.

Time to try for some sleep again - I find myself staring at the screen and blinking, like I'm expecting something to happen.


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