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Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to square one!

Ominous as that title sounds, it's actually a good thing: T got back up to her birth weight today! The miracle there (I thought we'd nver make it) is even more evident if you know where she was just this past Friday. I took her into the local health unit for the breastfeeding clinic. I was a little early for my appointment, so I took the chance to weigh her. To my huge disappointment, she'd lost weight since the previous weighing just over a week before - almost 90 g (or ~3 oz.).
This naturally started a huge wave of anxiety and guilt. And the nurses weren't able to tell me anything I didn't already know as far as the breastfeeding, even suggesting options I already knew from experience would add other complications. Add a wave of frustration. Set aside letting her (and me) sleep through most of the night and resume the strict regimen of a few weeks ago. And keep trying, when the odds look good, to get her to nurse (we got one good latch on Saturday, so there's still hope).
So I've had much less sleep the last few days again, and yesterday afternoon I was a real mess when she was still in her morning sleepy mode by early afternoon. But knowing she took it all in and took such a big jump (270 g or ~9 oz!) over three days to reach that magic target makes it all worthwhile.



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