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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Family Ties

My congratulations go out to our friends the Martens at our desert oasis (another post I've yet to write), who just found out they're going to be grandparents. Congrats, too, of course to the younger Martens and best wishes and prayers for a smooth and uneventful pregnancy.

In praying for them, I can't help reflecting on our own family connections. We've had both Trinity's grandmothers stay with us for just short of a week each since she was born. Setting aside the sordid details of old family dynamics and trying to see a somewhat larger picture, there's one thing I wish we had more of from both sides, and that is support for the family unit. Until recently, of course, that has meant the marriage relationship, and that continues to be a key part.

I think in this day and age there's enough pressure on us, especially men as the traditional breadwinners, to perform in areas outside the home, often keeping us from investing the necessary time in our relationships at home. I know first hand that the technology industry as a rule, while not unique, can be particularly demanding of that extra time and energy, often in subtle ways.

Anyhow, I hope that when my turn comes to take on that role for another generation, that I'll find ways to encourage and support our kids in making that investment count and in making the difficult choices that will enable them to be who they want to be in their family, who their family needs them to be, before being what their employer, or church, or other entity wants them to be. Even, and especially, if I stand to benefit one of those 'others'.

I pray the same for my friends.



  • Thank you! We are excited by the title "grandparent". It is indeed an awesome responsibility but a wonderful opportunity to express ourselves and our faith in another generation. I really enjoyed your post and I'm sure we'll have a lot to think about over the next few months.

    By Blogger jem, at 9:55 a.m.  

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