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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Message in a bawbuh

It's been awhile since I did any bragging here about my firstborn. Alright, it's been awhile since I posted anything here, but since Tweety's spotlight is likely to be redirected somewhat to her little brother very shortly, I'll take this chance to update y'all.
Well, first and foremost, she's pretty healthy these days. She had her last round of shots last week, which set her up with a bit of a cold again for a few days, but she came through that pretty quick. Hooray! (throw your hands up, now, just like we do on the H page of Dr. Seuss' ABC)
On the tougher side, she's been starting to exert her little personality a lot more over the last couple of months. Which has meant a little more wear and tear on dear old mom, especially since, like most little ones, she always saves the best for me. (Apparently her alter ego shows up at about the same time I do every afternoon at daycare.) Everything from relatively minor whining and defiance to all out screaming tantrums. Thankfully, I'm getting a little better at discerning the variations and finding constructive ways of handling them. The Bear's been valuable in helping me keep my perspective, set good boundaries and hang in there when I'm worn out.
Thankfully, she seems to be settling down again for now, and has generally been in a great mood the last few days. I'm not so naive as to think we're all done with the whole 'twos' scenario before she's even reached the official milestone, especially with a new brother joining the family any time now. But having come through round one, I feel a bit more positive about my ability to deal with the inevitable future waves.
On the fun side, Tweety's been taking great interest in clothing lately, possibly encouraged by all the stylin' freebies she's been getting from one of the other daycare moms. If I pick out something in the morning that she likes, she gets a big grin on her face and bounces around while eagerly pointing arms and legs in the general direction of the appropriate holes. She likes to practice putting things on herself, too. She's managed to put her jacket on all by herself a few times, though not nearly so many times as she's tried. I even had witnesses the first time. As I tried to call her over so I could help her get the other arm in, she squirmed and poked and pushed her arm through the twisted sleeve, and we were all a little stunned. She still needs me for zippers, though ;)
She's also been expanding her little vocabulary, and is starting to mimic a lot. You can tell, too, that her understanding of words is getting much greater, too. Among some of her favourites are bubbles ('buhboohz'), juice('djoos'), shoes ('shoos'), apple ('ahhpuh'), banana ('nana'). Various others come up occasionally, and then there's the one offs where she'll repeat what you say when you say it, but not use the word again.
She also continues to enjoy just about any music with a clear beat. She picked up on some B-52s songs that Shannon played one day at daycare, and when I mentioned that to the Bear, he loaded the whole B-52s anthology onto his iPod and it goes on whenever we go in the car. She provides great entertainment in the back seat, bobbing her head to the beat and waving her arms.
It's amusing to see the dots being connected sometimes. I had the radio on over the weekend and the song 'Message in a bottle' came on by the Police. She was moving around to the music, and when it came to the chorus, she kinda hesitated and started saying 'bawbuh' - her word for bottle. I haven't yet noticed her looking in her bottles for anything but tasty liquids, but I wonder sometimes.


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