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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mama likes it!

Well, the renovation train chugs onward. The Bear has now insulated the attic space behind the bathroom & master bedroom. All the lathe and plaster (both walls and ceilings) in the bathroom has been pulled out and cleaned up. The old tub and sink hauled to the backyard, and the toilet sits on the back deck until it has a floor to go back to. All the walls and ceiling have been insulated and vapor barriers installed and sealed and aquaboard was installed on the ceiling (that was a tricky job!) and a section of the interior wall.
The old wood floors have all been pulled up, some gaps and weak spots in the subfloor properly repaired, and a layer of new plywood laid down overall as a solid base for new floors. The plumbers were in about a week ago to replace and repair the patchwork that was the waste system, and give the Bear a few pointers on the remaining work. And the Bear fashioned some steel reinforcements for the joists that had been hacked up by previous owners to accommodate some tight plumbing (ach...who needs stable floor structures, it's not like a bathtub is heavy or anything).
Much of the kitchen ceiling is now sealed up again, awaiting new drywall after the plumbing inspection. And least there are no more construction bits dropping down on the counters.
The Bear's biggest triumph was finding a way to fit all the required fittings for the tub into the very small space above the tub that was not an outside wall, without looking like a big mess. We dubbed the result the Seussaphone, for fairly obvious reasons.

On Friday, the big event was scheduled. (Well, actually, it was originally scheduled for Thursday, but the plumbers had to postpone.) Everything was ready for the plumbers to tie in Vince's work, pressure test, and bring in the tub. The tub is kind of the keystone for the bathroom, as it has to go in before the walls can be closed and the tiles laid. And the floor tiles need to go in before the toilet and vanity go in, and the walls closed and finished before the tub fixtures.
We knew already that it would be a tough task to fit the six foot tub in the six foot bathroom. I was eager to get home at the end of the day and hear how it went. This is what I saw when I came in the door and looked up the stairs.

The plumbers had arrived about 10. Sadly, after several hours of contortions and sweat as they tried to manouevre the tub into place, they brought it back down the stairs. And out came all the insulation, the vapor barrier, and the one section of drywall on the sidewall backing on to the stairs. And then out came the sawsall and a large section of the wall. And finally, the tub went back up the stairs, through the new 'entrance' and into place. It was three by the time the plumbers went home.

Twenty-four hours later, we drained the tub. And last night, after Tweetie was tucked in, Mama swept up the floor one more time and took the tub for a trial run.
Mmmmm. Nice and deep, long, and comfy. Mama likes it. The Bear likes it, too - he tested it, too. I'm sure Tweetie will like it, too, but she won't get to try it until the rest of the room's a bit more splash proof ;)


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