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Monday, November 27, 2006

Well done

A week ago today T and I had our last appointment with my maternity doc, Doc Green. Last week also had a few more of the rough, weepy days than I've had in awhile. I wondered later in the week if the two might be related. For about 10 months I'd been going to see her at least once a month, and as the date came closer, of course, much more often. She marked a lot of the milestones with us. And the whole maternity and birth and new motherhood thing is such an intimate and emotional process. You get rather attached to that consistent voice of experience. And Doc Green did a very fine job. She wasn't one to 'medicalize' things unnecessarily, which suited me perfectly. Just follow the progress, answer questions, explain the options when decisions were required, and unless there were really strong reasons not too, just let the baby follow her own course.
I think especially with all the roller coaster of those early post-partum weeks, I'd come to find a certain security in knowing there'd be another appointment with Dr. Green. Another chance for a sanity check, and a word that I was doing a decent job, from a professional I'd come to respect. Just the prospect of a 'Well done' alone was enough at times to keep me looking to the next appointment.
We're still looking for a regular doctor for T, they're not so easily found in this town. I had an appointment for an interview with one this morning, but this doctor didn't show because of the snow. I've another appointment with another doctor on Wednesday, and one other doctor taking patients that I still need to call. I'm praying I can find a family doctor that I'll be even half as comfortable with as I came to be with Dr. Green. And I'm a little sad that we won't likely be back with her if we go down this road again. Consensus was, after this one went so quick and smooth, that we might want to plan for a homebirth, which means midwife. I have no issues at all with midwives, except it excludes Dr. Green. But we'll see.

So, anyhow, to Dr. Green, I just want to say thanks. And, "Well done."



  • What a great thing to get a picture of the doctor and T. Very endearing.

    By Blogger jem, at 2:33 p.m.  

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